Interior Modifications

Not much in the way of mods here except the Voltmeter upgrade. I just wanted to show the interior that came with the RC.

rchome1.jpg (48972 bytes)

rchome3.jpg (46196 bytes)

rchome4.jpg (63217 bytes)

rchome5.jpg (63008 bytes)

I got rid of the old man rear view mirror and replaced it with a standard glue on mirror.

rchome10.jpg (47251 bytes)

interior1.jpg (41496 bytes)

interior2.jpg (55228 bytes)

interior3.jpg (29782 bytes)

interior4.jpg (39778 bytes)

interior5.jpg (63301 bytes)

interior6.jpg (53785 bytes)

Below are pics of the Voltmeter upgrade. I had to repair some wiring and bypass the Ammeter. It started smoking one day. And, we all know that smoking is bad for ya...LOL.

volt2.jpg (45877 bytes)

volt3.jpg (61079 bytes)

Just a couple pics of my young son pretending to drive the RC. Maybe some day.

ajinrc2.jpg (56269 bytes)

ajinrc3.jpg (58425 bytes)