Here is a gallery showing my J10 through all the mods and
changes starting with the date of purchase and ending with
the Rhino Grill far!!!
J10before1.jpg (20453 bytes)
J10before3.jpg (20187 bytes)
After installing the Superlift 4 inch lift with rear blocks. Notice that
it appears to sit lower in the rear. I later removed the blocks and
installed 4 inch rear lift springs. Afterwards, the J10 still
appeared to sit lower in the rear. Also new are the BFG
35x12.5x15 A/Ts on black AR767 15x10 wheels.
myj10b.jpg (117287 bytes)
myj10a.jpg (116956 bytes)
My J10 after Installing the front Cliffhanger Bumper with MileMarker
9000 Lb winch.
J10Mike.jpg (118397 bytes)
My J10 after installing the Dozer II rear bumper with tow points and
dozer2c.jpg (88072 bytes)
My J10 after doing a J20 axle rebuild and axle swap with the front
D44HD and rear D60. I also added 1.5 inch blocks in the rear to lift the
rear to it's former glory. Also added with the axle rebuild was a rear
Detroit Locker and a front Detroit TruTrac. Also, a rear disk brake
conversion was installed on the Jeep D60. Also new to this project was
the addition of military Goodyear 36x12.5x16.5 Humvee tires on gray
AR767 16.5x9.75 wheels.
j10mike1.jpg (92592 bytes)
j10mike2.jpg (87115 bytes)
My J10 after installing the Rhino Grill conversion.
j10mikerhino.jpg (92986 bytes)
March, 2007
newwheels2.jpg (77466 bytes)
July 30, 2007. With the J10 just having been sold, these are the last two
pics I have. Goodbye old friend.
j10bye1.jpg (86292 bytes)
j10bye2.jpg (67924 bytes)