CTD 4bt Engine Conversion
Preparing the 4bt
I bought the 4bt, CPL 858, in October, 2009.
105 HP with VE injection pump.
After buying the 4bt, I started buying and accumulating parts that I would
need to install into the Ramcharger. I pulled the following parts off the
1991 Dodge W350 donor truck. Transmission adapter, flexplate, NP205
transfer case, Power steering/vacuum pump combo, exhaust manifold,
motor mounts, 120 amp alternator and brackets, and a number of small
6bt exhaust manifold with ports 1 and 6 cut off and capped. Painted with
high heat black
These 4bt block side motor mount brackets are out of a Ford/Grumman
Step van with 4bt. The 6bt mounts would not have worked for this
conversion. These mounts will work with the standard 89 thru 93 Dodge
rubber isolators.
After coming to the realization that the Dodge alternator was not going to
work with the exhaust manifold and turbo been moved up and forward, I
decided to retain the GM alternator brackets, replace the Delco 12si
alternator with the Delco CS144, 140 amp, alternator. The 12si pulley fit
the CS144 alternator. The CS144 alternator installed like it could have
come from the factory with it and using the same serpentine belt.
While I had the power steering/vacuum pump loose, I went ahead and
replaced the seals in it. Sorry, no pics.
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